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It's your gift, yaay! NFT work of Belarusian artist Tonia Slabodchykava.
What is NFT actually?
Well, tokens are something like a digital equivalent of securities (NFT stands for non-fungible tokens).
What does it mean? Let's look at bitcoin as an example. One bitcoin does not differ from another, so BTC-tokens are easily traded for each other. It’s the main difference between NFTs and ordinary tokens. NFTs are unique and issued in a limited edition.
How can we use this?
Usually, an NFT is a certificate validating rights for an art work. For example, the white version of Banksy's "Morons" was converted into a digital file and then burnt out. This way, its digital copy became the original and the corresponding NFT — its authentication.
Antanina Slabodchykava
Born in Minsk, Belarus.
Works with the help of various mediums (painting, graphics, installation, video) with the themes of motherhood, identity, gender in the context of feminist practices; the theme of death, memory, archiving time, the subordination of power in various aspects — personal experience, social stereotypes, the history of society, etc.
HOPE 2'44"
The video was created in 2020, and its name can be literally pronounced as 'two minutes forty-four seconds of hope'.
If the link does not open, install a VPN
HOPE, meaning: state of mind, described as expectation of something good, favourable about to come. Ex. Hope for the best. Hope to win. Have high hopes. Lose hope. Put hopes on smth.

fig. Someone, who is expected to bring good. Ex. His son was his only hope.
Synonyms: aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, craving.
Antonyms: despair, fear, doubt.

In creating HOPE the artist used the original sounds recorded by NASA: emanation of planet Saturn (CASSINI spaceship crosses rings of Saturn between rings A and F); the upcoming ionic acoustic wave of Jupiter.
*original author's text
What can I do with my NFT?
As we've already mentioned, an NFT is a security and a piece of digital art owner's certification at the same time. NFTs have their own Exchanges (like securities) or auctions (like pieces of art). These platforms are called NFT-marketplaces.

The most famous one is OpenSea.io. There you can buy and sell NFTs. To sum up, NFTs are not only a new art trend but a prospective financial tool.
So, can I sell my NFT for “real” money?
Not exactly. As all tokens, NFTs use blockchain technology. To be more specific, they use systems within this technology, which are designed for financial transactions and have their own cryptocurrency. This means NFT is also kept in a crypto wallet and exchanged for a corresponding system cryptocurrency. And then you can trade this cryptocurrency for money on platforms like currency.com.
Chose "Create wallet" and consent with terms and conditions
Memorize (or even write down) your recovery passphrase (that's vital!)
Confirm your passphrase. Use it.
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